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Introduction – The Creation Process

Introduction – The Creation Process

As you expand your awareness you can begin to work consciously and deliberately with The Key®. This is what you learned in the AWARENESS module.
Now, Christine McGrory, Founder and scientist, will introduce you to the genius and award winning KEY® PHILOSOPHIES.
The Key® is the KNOW-HOW.
The Key® is THE HOW TO.
In this course The Key Founder will explain:
Why our emotions are creative and how we can use this awareness to shift what we are creating in our lives from negative to positive.
The science, success and spirited philosophies behind creativity.
Simple yet powerful philosophies that help you create what you want to see, be and experience in your life.
How to work with these philosophies to gift yourself inner peace and confidence.
This Online Course includes:

  • Insightful video presentations by Christine McGrory, Founder and scientist.
  • The genius KEY CREATION PROCESS®, which is the know-how behind all that you wish to create in your life.
  • Some simple quantum physics about energy and vibration and its relationship with THE CREATION PROCESS® and Creation.
  • A PDF Workbook Booklet.
  • A SPACE TO CREATE® Meditation.
  • KEY® PHILOSOPHY images.
  • Extract from Grace – THE KEY BOOK.
  • Links to other relevant sources of information
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