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Energy Comfort Zone

Energy Comfort Zone

Most people stay in their comfort zone. They are not curious; they don’t step out or explore opportunity. This means that from a cellular level their cells are in the same state of being or energy. We are in the same uncreative state of being 95% of our time – thinking and doing and being and living life in the same habitual way.

Now in order to CREATE and touch where CREATIVITY and CREATION begins, we need to shift out of our comfort zone. This is The Key.

For creativity to happen we have to move out of our normal day to day energy, in other words, our COMFORT ZONE  and into CREATIVE space… or you may have heard it being described as THE GAP.  This is the SPACE where creativity originates, that is, outwith the normal energetic level of your cells and being.

You can only make that happen when you do things differently and very deliberately.

The Key is the gap, that’s why we call The Key a Space to Create™, because in that gap energy is higher and when we increase our energy to the highest frequencies we CREATE effortlessly and at our best.

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