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Grace Extract

Grace Extract

Grace Extract – Chapter 10 – Magic Buttons


‘But it’s the feelings behind these thoughts, where the real creative power lies. To help you understand this idea, let me share some science with you. Did you know that I’m a scientist, Grace?’


‘Yes, you mentioned that.’ Grace chuckled, remembering the old lady had told her this on the beach.


‘There’s lots of science within The Creation Process. Think of our emotions, our feelings as energy waves’ the old lady looked up, trying to find a good analogy. ‘Exactly!’ she said to herself out loud, as if someone had just spoken to her and given her the answer. ‘Like radio frequencies. You transmit them and you receive them. Your emotions are energy waves with a vibration and a frequency.’ The old lady continued. ‘There are only two types of vibration, positive and negative. If you’re experiencing positive emotions, you will send out positive vibrations and create positive things around you. If you’re experiencing negative feelings, you will be sending out negative energy waves and will create negative things around you. Your emotions are magnetic. It’s a universal law. It really is that simple.’


‘Did you know there are over three thousand five hundred emotions in the dictionary? I should know. I have counted them!


Grace just nodded in agreement, thinking about the time it would take to verify the old lady’s claim.


‘But when it comes right down to it, there are only two that really matter. Love and Fear. Think of it as one long emotional continuum, Grace. At one end is love and at the other end fear. These two are the most powerful emotions we can have. All the rest are in between. When we create out of love, only good can come of it. But sadly most people create from fear.’ The old lady paused for a moment. ‘Most people spend the majority of their time focusing on fearful and destructive emotions. And that, my dear, is why most people are creating what they don’t want. Destroying all of the magnificent possibilities of life and completely unaware that they have anything to do with it.’


Grace’s eyes widened. She was becoming aware of the implications of all of this, remembering her own self-imposed emotional roller coaster life.

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