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Be a Happiness Millionaire

Be a Happiness Millionaire

Many people have a dream of one day being a millionaire. What would the point of being a money millionaire be, if you were not happy? The unhappiness part often happens because of the beliefs surrounding money. For example: money doesn’t make you happy or money is the route of all evil or wealthy people are miserable.

These are simply beliefs and as we learn at The Key, our beliefs create our reality.

Beliefs are powerful and creative. We now know that being happy makes you happy. The money will arrive, if it is your desire, as a result of being happy about having money.

Many people sabotage having an abundance of money in their life because of invisible limiting beliefs. Underneath it all; they are actually unhappy about the idea of having wealth, or may be jealous of other peoples circumstances. If they are honest and look within, they will discover that they hold limiting beliefs and resentment about wealth. Negative emotions are creative, they create negative circumstances.

The universe is a storehouse of abundance and wealth. There is enough to go around for everyone. Enough to exceed our every need. This storehouse was intended for us to experience. We need only believe this. That said, we do have to claim it.

Tell yourself : I deserve all great things including happiness and abundance (which is wealth).

Tell yourself: I am a happiness millionaire.

Download your happiness millions and become a happiness millionaire instantly!

You can find out more about Abundance and Limiting Beliefs in The Key Online course.

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