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The Key to Happiness

The Key to Happiness

What is The Key to happiness? 

In our recent ‘Key to Happiness’ webinar, 100 people registered to be part of it. Of course, that made us very happy but surely it also says something about the state of our happiness. 

It is reassuring to know that we all seem to share the same desire to be happy but it does beg the question, ‘what is making us unhappy?’

Solutions seem simple, like buying a pocket sized happiness book authored by someone who was once unhappy and has now found true happiness. What about the daily affirmations espoused on social media, created by glamorous and happy looking people who inject their memes with enough of happy thoughts to hopefully boost our happiness levels for the remainder of the day. Finally, if we are really that unhappy then there must be something wrong with us and a visit to the doctor might be in order?! 

If you aren’t aware of it, there really is an unhappiness epidemic going on and many of the answers offered are coming from the source of the unhappiness itself.

In reality if we continue to look for the solutions outside of ourselves then the crisis is likely to get worse before it gets better.  

On one hand happiness can be a complex and serious matter but on the other it might be simpler to resolve than we think.

Our last Key World Retreat took us the whole way around the world to Bali. What we discovered there, in relation to happiness, was surprisingly simple and Key like. All retreater participants agreed that the Balinese people really have this happiness thing down. They ooze it from every cell of their body, and I reckon it’s become part of their DNA. 

Here then lies the solution …. The Key to happiness is an inside job!
To find how more …. 

Tune in to our happiness chat and vibes in the video above and find out more about happiness and some Key to Happiness tips.

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