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The Science of Happiness

The Science of Happiness

We recently carried out an experiment with a group of people in a corporate bank. The Key was asked to come along and motivate the staff in the bank and to make them happier! During the event we decided to carry out an experiment to measure their current happiness. At the start of the session, we measured their levels of happiness with our ‘happiness vibrometer’ and found that most of them were unhappy. We asked them to imagine themselves receiving help from someone, and the ‘happiness vibrometer’ increased by an averaged of 17% – by simply asking them to imagine that they had received help from someone.
When we asked the group to remember a time when they were grateful for something or someone, the ‘happiness vibrometer’ increased by another 13% – simply by finding something to be grateful for.

What does this mean?

Science has proven that happiness can be created. We are our own happiness creation factory! We can manufacture happiness by choosing happy things to think and feel. We can increase our happiness exponentially by finding things to be grateful for and these things are everywhere and all around us already!

Gratitude increases our happiness!

Creating opportunities to be grateful makes us happy.

Find out more about Gratitude in The Key Online Course.

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