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Story Facilitation – Review

Story Facilitation – Review

SAY It’s now your turn to be the super star in your new exhilarating story. 

Ask them to take out their Magical Life Adventure workbook below.

Take your client through the following steps to help them create their new powerful creative story.

Have the slide up so they can use it as a reminder of what to draw on as they write.

I want you to review the work in the sessions we have done so far.

  1. Look at your wheel of life and emotions – what is it showing you?
  2. What about your home, your family, your work? You career? Your business? Your hobbies etc think of; all of the areas of you vision wheel – go back and look at it now – what is it telling you, you deserve for life?
  3. All your affirmations and desire statements.
  4. Your new beliefs about you? your life?
  5. Think about what the above are telling you about how you would love your life to be.
  6. What about notes you have made or any AHAS you have had through our programme that give you an insight into what you want?
  7. Make notes and descriptions of how these things make you feel, describe in detail.
  8. Your Why? and Purpose statements from previous Key sessions.
  9. You may even have some stories you could use from Key Courses that you have attended in the past, write them back in to re-energise them.

Review these and jot down notes and ideas first on your worksheet – memory joggers – bullets to get your creative flow going.

Give them 20 minutes at least to make their review. 

They will do this privately in their home – ask them to keep cameras on but turn sound off.

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