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Story Introduction

Story Introduction

Megan introduces and gives you the back ground to The Power of Story which has become so obvious to us over the decades that we have been coaching THE KEY have with our clients.

We noticed that most of the time when we begin a session, people will often start by telling you, their story.

This is an obvious and good place to start and useful to get to know someone. That said, I soon realised that some people were very attached to their ‘old stories’ and repeated them session after session and often resisted the idea that it was story that they were telling themselves.

I discovered that this can be unconscious, emphasising that most people are not consciously aware of their stories or its power. We gain energy from telling our story over and over. It can help us make sense even justify our actions or help us feel better or affirm that the other ‘protagonists’ in the story are to blame.

Whatever the reason, from what you have already learned about The Key, you will know that repeating a negative life story over and over only serves to amplify its energy and vibration. It would be impossible to create a new story from the energy of the old one.

Let’s think about it really simply, from a KEY perspective

  • Do you now see and understand that words are creative? ……………………….
  • Do you now know and agree that words joined up created sentences and at The Key we call them desire statements and would you agree that these are creative?  Great.
  • Can you then see that sentences grouped together create chapters?  Would they be creative?
  • What about lots of chapters? What do they create? …………. A STORY

So now do you believe me if I tell you that your life is a powerful creative story and that every year, decade or era is a chapter and more importantly YOU ARE THE AUTHOR? 

What will it be a HORROR story, A Sad Story a tale of deception or a woeful story of REGRET?

YOU YES YOU have everything in you now to create the story you dreamed of as a child or wanted as you grew up. 

YOU YES YOU ARE THE author of your life and the pen is in your hand.

This is what this client session is all about:

Looking at your life; one bit at a time. Taking all of the work they have been doing with you, their wheel, affirmation, new beliefs, revelations along the way, AHA moments and notes and using them as a CATAYST for new story.

It helps them to realise that what they tell themselves day in and out is just a story and that at any moment including right NOW they can change that story.

How powerful is that?

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