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Key Philosophies

Key Philosophies

The Key to your success as a Key Coach will be in direct proportion to how you are BEING The Key and allowing The Key Philosophies to express themselves through and as you.

This is why your journey begins with understanding Key Philosophies at a deeper level and finding creative ways to practice and be them.

People will notice this, they will desire to be like you and ultimately it will influence your success as a Key Coach.

THINK ABOUT YOUR KEY JOURNEY. Is the above true for you?

Think of Key Philosophies as positive universal ‘qualities’. What are your favourite qualities that you saw in Christine and Megan? Philosophies that you saw them demonstrating and being and which influenced your decisions to get involved and engagement with The Key?

Will it be true for others, for the people you will want to attract as your clients?

How can this simple idea help you attract and keep your future clients?


In this module you will find all of The Key Philosophies, some narrative and context behind them and the philosophy image which you can:

  • Reflect on.
  • Practice.
  • Download and use as part of your marketing collateral to promote you as a Key Coach.

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